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A Positive Disruptor who Loves Animals

Magan ScoutMegan Rose Taylor is not the average 19 year-old. She suffers from a rare condition where she can faint up to 60 times a day.  Her love of animals, wildlife and nature is so deeply engrained in her soul, she has dedicated most of her young years to campaign, raise awareness and work with animals.  She is driven by kindness for others and is the LifeVest InsideKindness Ambassador for the UK, a not-for-profit organisation which was set-up by Orly Wahba, an educator, entrepreneur and community activist to promote kindness, love and compassion in the World.

Megan is also an accomplished wordsmith and has written several poems and short stories.  One of these poems was inspired by the annual carnage of dolphins in Taiji in Japan after watching the film ‘The Cove’.  Megan decided to write a poem and use it as the backing…

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Happy in 8 Seconds

What I am about to talk about took place several months ago, sometime while I was still in Cyprus, but I never got around to writing about it until now. I still remember talking to my friend Rosie about it shortly after it happened. So this is a short story about how quickly I was able to find the positive side in what seemed to be a bad situation, and you too could be doing the same. I truly believe that there is a positive and a negative side to everything, and that truly happy people have the willingness, skill or ability to find at least one positive side in everything.

There’s a quote from the beginning of a movie I saw many years ago that goes something like this: the secret to happiness is to chase after good, and not after evil. For many years, this quote made no sense to me because I could not understand how one would chase after good or evil. It made no sense until I started to understand how the mind works. It is written in the bible that when you seek something, you will find it, and the same is applicable to life itself; when you seek the negative (constantly) in situations, you will definitely (always) find it, and when you seek the positive in situations, you will definitely find it too.

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