Happy in 8 Seconds

What I am about to talk about took place several months ago, sometime while I was still in Cyprus, but I never got around to writing about it until now. I still remember talking to my friend Rosie about it shortly after it happened. So this is a short story about how quickly I was able to find the positive side in what seemed to be a bad situation, and you too could be doing the same. I truly believe that there is a positive and a negative side to everything, and that truly happy people have the willingness, skill or ability to find at least one positive side in everything.

There’s a quote from the beginning of a movie I saw many years ago that goes something like this: the secret to happiness is to chase after good, and not after evil. For many years, this quote made no sense to me because I could not understand how one would chase after good or evil. It made no sense until I started to understand how the mind works. It is written in the bible that when you seek something, you will find it, and the same is applicable to life itself; when you seek the negative (constantly) in situations, you will definitely (always) find it, and when you seek the positive in situations, you will definitely find it too.

They say that life is what you think it is, that if you think (or believe ) that life is hard… it will be hard for you. On the other hand, if you believe that life is not hard, then life will not be hard for you. You cannot walk through a door that you believe to be locked; You will not sit on a chair that you believe is broken; You cannot be happy if you believe there aren’t enough reasons to be happy. I mean, you catch my drift. But though this sounds like words out of a fairy tale, my entire life in Cyprus is proof that this is true!

When I first got to Cyprus, my head was filled with the negative words of people around me about how terrible the place was. Initially, I gave in to their negative words but after one night I told myself that I will form my own opinion about the place I now found myself. I took a different approach and looked at the place with an open mind, and guess what? It was really not a bad place at all, and I mean it! People have come to the island and said “this place is a shithole” and this offends me, really, because I had the best years of my entire life (yes, my entire life so far) in Cyprus! Those people who get to enjoy the island of Cyprus were those who had an open mind and definitely did not think or believe that it was a bad place; whereas those who hated the place where those who (for some reason) thought or believed that Cyprus was a really terrible place to be.

Happy in 8 Seconds

Now fast forward to a few months ago: I was about to eat something in my room one evening when my favorite cereal bowl fell down and broke! I had recently bought it to replace the original one that also got broken, and so I was pretty upset. Nevertheless, I immediately picked up a broom and started to sweep, and about 8 seconds after the bowl broke, I saw a positive side to the whole broken bowl incident! Yes! I caught myself making this statement unconsciously: well at least, I get to sweep my room because I’ve been meaning to do so lately, if not that I’d be lazy.

So the bowl was broken, but I immediately saw it as something positive because it caused me to sweep my room (I was just too lazy to sweep in the last few days). This really made me laugh because it happened unconsciously, and it reminded me of how some friends say that I am too (unrealistically) positive about life. Finding a positive side to things in life is not just being optimistic, it is being realistic because the reality of things is that life has both good and bad in it. If you choose only to see the negatives, you may be pessimistic but you are also being realistic; on the other hand, if you choose only to see the positives, you may be optimistic but you are also also being realistic too.

Now back to the quote from that movie who’s name I forgot… happy people are always looking for the positive sides of everything and when you do this long enough, you start to do it unconsciously; that is one secret to my happiness! So let me urge you, to make a deliberate effort to finding the positive side to things in your life, and watch your happiness multiply. If you still doubt me, ask the happiest person you know to read this article and have them confirm whether I’m right or wrong, and I will let them explain to convince you.

To your happiness…

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