About Kheme

KhemeHello – welcome to my blog.

My name is Okiemute, but many people know me as Oki or Kheme- I prefer Kheme. I’ve done most of my studying in the field of Computer Engineering, so calling me a Computer Engineer won’t be wrong.

Despite and prior to my degrees in Computer Engineering, I already seemed to be well acquainted with computers.

During past years, I picked up knowledge and skills in a several other fields, like electronics, photography, business, health & fitness, and even a little on psychology.

If I didn’t study Computer Engineering, I would have studied Electrical & Electronics Engineering… in secondary school, I was all about electronics, much so that I wrote a 13-chapter book on electronics *laughs*

If I didn’t study Electronics, I definitely would have studied Business because even until now, I consider myself more of a business person than a “computer” person. I have ran several small businesses quite successfully in the past, and I am actively involved in moving forward, the company I presently work at.

A dream come true for me would be the reality of serving people and making life easy, especially through my many ideas in collaboration with my skills.

My blog is a kind of extension of my thoughts and ideas, as I see and wonder this world. You’re welcome to explore and reason with me, or challenge me… your comments are very welcome here.


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